Create a Fund

Establishing an endowment fund with the community foundation gives you the ability to direct your gift and provide for the future of the Three Rivers area and community.

Getting Started

Creating a fund with the Foundation can be done quickly and easily. We will match your charitable needs with a fund that supports your purpose. A fund agreement will be created to reflect the type of you fund you are establishing, name the fund, and define your level of involvement as the donor.

Building the Fund

Our knowledgeable staff can educate donors about the purpose and promise of your fund to maximize the impact and legacy that you’ve created while providing the most tax effective gift opportunities available.

Types of Funds

Unrestricted Funds

The flexibility of your unrestricted gift makes it possible for our
experienced board to respond to the needs of the community. Your gift can address
the ever changing needs today, tomorrow and forever.

Field of Interest Funds

When making your gift to the community foundation you
identify your personal area of interest. Our board awards grants to organizations and
programs based on your selected area of interest.

Designated Funds

Your gift can be directed to a specific non-profit organization,
program or purpose to help with ongoing funding.


Invest your gift in our future community leaders by providing
them with access to educational funding. You establish the criteria in which the
scholarship will be awarded and we provide personal service and guidance throughout
the scholarship process.

Donor Advised Funds

You can have an ongoing involvement in the grant making
process with the use of your gift. Working with the community foundation will help
you identify ways in which your funds can address the issues and needs that you care
about most. Your recommendations are submitted to our board for approval; we then
distribute grant dollars.


If you are interested in starting a fund with us today, contact Foundation Administrator Melissa Bliss at (269) 273-1632 or