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Our Mission

The Three Rivers Area Community Foundation inspires community participation and giving to improve the quality of life in our community.

Our Role as a Community Foundation

  • We serve the greater Three Rivers Area.
  • We proactively identify needs in our service area.
  • We respond to identified needs by bringing together community members, by granting funds, and by leading and managing select initiatives.
  • We steward the funds entrusted to us by the community.

We educate the community about needs, about working together and about the importance of philanthropy in strengthening our community.

Priorities of the Foundation

  1. To receive local donations and grant monies and then redirect those resources back into the community.
  2. To provide sound stewardship and growth of the resources that have been entrusted to our care.
  3. To provide leadership to assess the needs of our community, at least annually.
  4. To provide financial assistance to not-for-profit or 501(c)(3) organizations serving the broad based needs of area residents.
  5. To support activities that enriches and raises the general quality of life of area residents.

The Foundation prefers to support

  1. Community improvement – including large capital projects like a community center, river cleanup, youth recreation center, library, art museum, renovation of the downtown, etc., where the Foundation functions primarily as a collection house or provides initial seed or challenge money.
  2. Education – including lecture series, public and school libraries, Glen Oaks Community College, prevention programs, reading skills, etc.
  3. Health – including our community hospital, doctor recruitment, purchasing new medical or safety technology, etc.
  4. Recreation – including park facilities, development of river frontage, hiking trails, after school programs, summer camps, etc.
  5. Cultural programs – including community concerts, art and museum displays, dance or theatrical groups, art classes, etc.

The Foundation prefers not to support

  1. Individuals (not permitted under IRS regulations).
  2. Special interest groups that appeal only to a narrow band of citizens, including a single church, unless their focus is a community wide program.
  3. Programs where alternative funding has not been aggressively explored or is already well funded.
  4. Programs that promote supremacy or division instead of equality and unity.
  5. For profit ventures.

Service area of the Foundation – Serving the people of Three Rivers and the surrounding townships with emphasis on the areas of the townships included in the Three Rivers school district.

For questions or concerns, please contact Foundation Administrator, Melissa Bliss at (269) 273-1632. “Like” us on Facebook at facebook.com/ThreeRiversAreaCommunityFoundation

Grant Making Guidelines