financial_growthThree Rivers Area Community Foundation recently hit a milestone: $4 million in investments; with earnings used to support the Three Rivers area. The Foundation began in 1975 with $9,607 dollars from donations by 14 individuals and businesses. Now with more than 50 funds, each customized to meet the goals of its donor, the Foundation continues to reinvest in the community through local grants, impact projects, and educational scholarships. “This 4M milestone is a direct result of the momentum that our community has realized in its giving back to the community, doubling our assets within the last six years,” Melissa Bliss, administrator for the Three Rivers Area Community Foundation, said.
Five broad areas that the Foundation supports include community improvement, education, health, recreation, and cultural programs. Endowed funds ensure that only the investment gain is distributed so the gift grows to benefit the community forever. Recent projects supported by the Foundation include an emphasis on recreation. In the past 10 years, a comprehensive trail master plan was commissioned by the Foundation that the City was been able to leverage to receive grant money to build trails in Scidmore and Memory Isle Parks. In 2014, the community was offered a $175,000 matching grant by the J.A. Woollam Foundation to help build a trail to Meyer-Broadway Park. Within 3 months, the matching dollars were raised and have since been used as the local match for two grants by the State of Michigan totaling more than $560,000. “Foundation giving provides our donors with the flexibility to give back in a way that best suits their needs, while leaving a legacy for long term impact.”

For more information on charitable giving, please contact Melissa Bliss at 269.273.1632 or visit