The Three Rivers Area Community Foundation (TRACF) is a tax-exempt, public charity that allows us to put your charitable dollars back into the hands of the community. Since its incorporation in 1974 the foundation has been funding a variety of projects, programs and scholarships through your charitable giving.

We provide a unique and flexible opportunity for meeting your philanthropic goals. No gift is
too large or too small. By establishing a fund with the foundation or giving to an already existing
fund we make it easy for you to support the community.

An endowment fund with the foundation allows the principle to become part of a larger pool of
investments and only the investment return is distributed. Endowments ensure that your gift will
grown and benefit our community forever!


Jim Stuck, President

Jared Hoffmaster, Vice President

Joe Bippus, Treasurer

Lindsay Oswald, Secretary

Jeff Gatton

Trevor McEnroe

Mary Miholer-O’Connor

Christy Trammell

Steven Scott

Sally Middleton

Larry Daugherty

Janell Hart


Melissa Bliss, Foundation Administrator