IMG_6822Matthew Randle is the recipient of multiple scholarships offered through the community foundation. He’s been awarded the Ralph and Phyllis Bence Scholarship as well as the Pauline E. Abshire and Florence E. Warner Art Scholarship. Matthew will be attending Western Michigan University next fall with a double major in Voice Performance and Music Therapy. “I’m very grateful for the scholarships I have received as they will help me accomplish my dreams and goals as a musician.”





Kathryn Trattles plans to attend Adrian College in the fall of 2017 to study art and English education. “I will be planning to enroll in the Honors College program at Adrian as well as the marching and concert band. My career plans include teaching in a public school district in either elementary or high school art and English.” Congratulations Kathryn on your scholarship from the Lucile Shafer Haring and Sheila J. Haring fund and John T. Nykun Scholarship Fund!



18527085_1337645529660290_8388767756213235455_oCara Smith is the daughter of Larry and Deb Smith. In high school, she has been an active participant in NHS, a member of the golf, basketball, and track and field teams and I am also the President of the Class of 2017. In the fall, Cara will be attending Michigan State University to study dentistry where she eventually plans to open her own orthodontist office. Cara has been awarded the Ken McEnroe Scholarship, the Adam Learn #27 Memorial Scholarship, the Charles E. Clark Management Scholarship, the Dr. Don Schimnoski Scholarship, and the Edward “Coach” T. Johnson and Patricia Johnson Scholarship. “The generosity of these scholarships is truly appreciated and will be used to further my education where I hope to one day be able to give back to my community as well!”




18491672_1334816543276522_9012612770415643512_oDarian Cole is a senior at Three Rivers High School. She is a member of NHS, is in Aristocrats, is the Vice President of the Class of 2017, and is a three year varsity volleyball player. Darian plans to attend Grand Valley State University in the fall to major in nursing and wants to thank the entire community for the support over the years.






Ryan Levandoski, the son of Joe and Angie Levandoski, will be attending Bluffton University in the fall, which is located in Bluffton, OH. He will be majoring in Business Management with a minor in Sports Management and will also be a student athlete participating in their NCAA Division 3 Baseball Program.

“As a senior at Three Rivers High School, I have been a very active student. I participated in DECA for 3 years, During my Junior year was able to attend and compete at the National level, and was able to compete at the State level for 2 years.” Ryan has been an active member of the Year Book Staff. He is a Varsity Letter Recipient for Baseball at Three Rivers High School. He also regularly attends Immaculate Conception Church where he serves as an Alter Server and actively participates in the Church Youth Group. “I very much appreciate receiving the Charles E. Clark Management Scholarship. It will certainly help me further my future. It will be put to good use.”


18491680_1334814343276742_429101354955276378_oMorgan Schneider is the daughter of Holly Swartz and Jeremy Schneider. Next fall she will be attending Olivet College where she will be continuing her volleyball career and begin a path to become an occupational therapist. “I am honor to have been awarded with the George Haines Scholarship to help me pursue a higher education.”






18423066_1334811873276989_1192474628260865292_oMax Chapman, son of Ellen Chapman and James Mount, is the recipient of the George Haines Scholarship and the Gary Cottingham Scholarship. He plans to attend the University of Michigan to study Civil or Mechanical Engineering. After college, he would like to work for a civil engineering firm designing and working on bridges.





18451753_1332237230201120_6990788241375563054_oLeah Crooks is one of 6 recipients of the Adam Learn #27 Memorial Scholarship. She is the daughter of Steve Crooks and Zach & Melissa Bliss. In the fall, Leah will be attending Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis. “This scholarship is a huge achievement and I am so honored to be a recipient with such a high reputation and meaning behind it”






Paige Schoon is the recipient of the John T. Nykun Scholarship and the Glenn Rifenberg Community Scholarship.

Paige is the daughter or Paul and Bobbi Schoon and plans to attend Western Michigan University in the fall. “While there I will study history education. Nelson Mandela once said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon through which we can change the world.’ This is as true now as it was when it was said, and I plan to utilize my education to help others get theirs. It is through education that we are all privileged with the tools we need to spread hope and make the world a better place for us all.”



18423774_1332155780209265_2597580854111054470_nSerena Solis is one of 7 recipients of the Charles E. Clark Scholarship and also a recipient of the George Haines Scholarship. Serena is the daughter of Jerry and Sue Solis and will be attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California this fall. “I will major in Merchandising and Marketing and I plan to become a buyer for TOMS. I am incredibly thankful for the scholarships the TR Foundation and Lions Club have given me to be able to pursue a higher education and eventually my dream career.”




Congratulations to our 2017 Adam Learn #27 Memorial scholarship recipients! 18664669_1344912868933556_9036670990391781044_n